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What We Do

The KAT Group of Companies offers advanced solutions and services. As leaders in the distribution sector, our unrivalled track record is a testament of our excellence and we are committed in delivering the best outcome for your business goals.


We help companies with distribution of their products with efficient, cost-effective practice. Our solutions have assisted many businesses successfully in distribution of their products to local dealers.

Distribution Consultation

We provide businesses consultation for distribution channels. As the leading distribution company in Malaysia, we are confident in providing you with unmatched distribution consultation services.

Distribution management System

We help companies with their distribution management system by helping them identify the problems within their distribution channels and solving it.

Software For Businesses

We provide business software especially for retailers to help ease their daily operations execution and monitoring.

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About US

Our Business

KAT Technologies was established in 1994. As a leading distribution company in Malaysia, we are the biggest distributor company for Celcom amongst other notable clients such as Merchandtrade, TM and Tunetalk. Over the years, KAT Technologies has successfully helped many companies to distribute various products across the nation with superior efficient, effective practices.

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