March 16, 2017

Company Profile

Tracing its origins to 1994, the KAT Group of Companies was first established with the incorporation of KAT Technologies Sdn. Bhd by founder Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi.


KAT Technologies prides itself as a distribution and logistics specialist. Able to move high volume and low margin products for principals, KAT was at the forefront of the distribution sector as it became the pioneer company for the distribution of mobile prepaid when such services was first introduced in Malaysia in 1999.


True to its innovative methods and its aggressive drive to continuously challenge the conventional logistics and supply chain methods, The KAT Group of Companies is unmatched in ensuring the most efficient and effective distribution of the products of its clients in the designated markets. It is such levels of commitment that that has enabled KAT Technologies to be an award-winning best-in-class distributor.


The KAT Group of Companies merges the latest in applications technology, strategic planning, and the drive of a highly technical professional team. The implication of which has lead to various advanced products and solutions. One of which being the award winning KATsys, a sophisticated software system that has lead KAT Group to be the best company in retail and supply chain management in Asia Pacific.


With excellent track record, proven methodology and processes, distribution support solutions, and expertise and resources to assist our clients, the KAT Group of Companies continues to be sector leaders and is relentless in its pursuits of achieving the best outcome for its clients.”


Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi is the founder of Kat Technologies and acts as the executive chairman for the KAT Group of Companies.

With extensive technical skills and experience, Datuk Khairol heralds the reputation for pioneering the introduction of prepaid card services in Malaysia with the launch of prepaid cards for public phone booths in 1990.

To achieve this, he designed new policies and business processes to support sales and distribution activities, and undertook to establish network of distributors on a nationwide scale. He scored another first in Malaysia for Sapura Card Technology when he began manufacturing phone cards in Malaysia, and subsequently the chip-embedded smart card.

With his entrepreneurial and visionary style, he then set up KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd in 1994. Through his guidance, the success of KAT Technology was soon recognized, as it became the pioneer to distribute prepaid starter packs, physical and softpin prepaid recharge services, for Celcom in 1999.

A highly educated and an experienced individual, Datuk Khairol has a first class BSc (Hons) Degree in engineering. He later went on to complete a senior management development program at Harvard Business School and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the Cranfield University School of Management. Datuk Khairol was also recipient of the 2015 Honorary awards from Swansea University in recognition of his outstanding achievements.

Evidencing his remarkable reputation in the professional community, Datuk Khairol is the President of Bumiputra Retailers Organization (BRO) and serves as the Board of Directors for Malaysian Sports Institute (ISN) as well as Board of Trustees for the State of Melaka.

Under the unmatched leadership of Datuk Khairol, the KAT Group of Companies was spearheaded to its reputation today as a successful leading company in Malaysia.


The year 2016 saw the handover of keys to KAT Group of Companies for a new building in Cyberjaya. In line with KAT’s growth plans, the building will elevate higher of its capabilities in meeting the needs of its clients and its reputation as an award winning organization.

The KAT Group was also successful in a landmark acquisition of Mobipay, an advanced system that will enable better governance of the KAT Group of Companies’s dealings with dealers.  The pinnacle of the year however was the Apicta 2016 award where The Kat Group received a prestigious recognition from Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) for KATsys, a specialized distribution management solution that was developed in-house and is both revolutionary and unmatched, testament of the KAT Group’s pursuit of excellence.


Year 2015 is welcomed with the appreciation for the founder and chairman of KAT Technologies that is Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi by receiving ‘Anugerah Khas – Usahawan Unggul PUNB’ during the SPARK 2015. 

Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi receive the award by SPARK (Simposium Peruncitan Kebangsaan) that was organized by PUNB. The event was held on the 8th of April 2015 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The award was presented by YB Senator Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister at Prime Minister office.


Year 2014 is the at the 2nd year of the 5-year plan. The company is now focusing on regional opportunities and continue to remain in its core business — prepaid distribution.

In year 2012 to 2014, KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd has won numerous awards for the excellence in business as well as setting a new benchmark in prepaid distribution. The awards are 1-Innocert Best Innovation in Services Category, SOBA Entrepreneur of the Year (DKAT – Special Mention), SOBA Best Innovation Award, Entreprise 50, 4 stars SME Competitive Rating for Enhancement (SCORE), Double A 1 InnoCERT rating and High Performance Bumiputra Company (TeraS).


While we continue to expand our core business by winning over new principals in the mobile prepaid industry and growing the territories of existing principals, the company is at the dawn of our aggressive 5-year expansion plan to go international.

We believe our processes and distribution technology that is well proven for the mobile prepaid industry, has the potential to push for higher efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in other industries especially for high volume, low margin products such as in FMCGs. Among the key benefits to both principals and distributors alike will be higher profitability.


Year 2012 is the end of the 5-year plan. The company is now focusing setting new benchmark in prepaid distribution, by leveraging on mobile application technology.

The company is embarking a new milestone in technology investment through business reengineering in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The company is also looking at multiple products and multiple principals to capitalize on the network strength…yet still remain in the core business with underlying business philosophy — low cost operator.


Year 2011 is the year of consolidation. The company started to look at potential synergies within the operational set-up as well as the potential business opportunities that can be ride-on on the current set-up. We were looking for new areas, new products, new principals as well as new channels in order to maximize sales and profits.

This is also the year where the sister company, KAT Solutions Sdn Bhd is awarded the MSC Status by the MSC Malaysia.

APICTA Award (Best Of Retail & Supply Chain Management)

PUNB Usahawan Unggul Award

SOBA Entrepreneur Of The Year (Special Mention)

SOBA Best Innovation Awards (Service Category)

Winner of E50 Awards (14th Place)

PUNB Excellence Award

Our Vision

In addition to further building our reputation as a leading company operating regionally today, our vision is to be the preferred business partner to our principals in the distribution trade internationally by 2020.

Our Mission

As sector leaders in the distribution trade, we are committed in delivering the best outcomes for our clients. It is our mission to provide quality solutions and ensure our principal’s products are distributed to the market in the most effective and efficient manner.