April 18, 2016

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APICTA win proves our philosophy of ONLY thinking forward.

KAT Technologies was recently given an award by Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) for its achievements in providing innovative solutions to improve any retail and supply-chain related activities. This latest milestone showcases our achievements in being able to display revolutionary work with quality and innovation, whilst contributing to the growth of the MSC Malaysia’s initiatives and services designed to benefit the country.

The journey to this award tells us an inspiring tale. Before the start of it all, almost all tasks were completed manually, from invoicing to organizing customer records, and to issuing stock orders. The team at KAT then had an epiphany, we had realised that enough was enough and aggressive changes needed to be implemented to propagate ourselves ahead of our competitors.

The team recognized of the need for a system that could save the time, energy and resources whilst tackling all pre-existing problems faced especially in transaction accuracy. What the team needed was KATsys, a sophisticated system that improved efficiency, productivity and workflow to unprecedented levels. When the father of the system, Mr. Azizan Abdul Ghani, was asked what was his drive for developing it, he comments, “the improvement, benefit and positive feedback of KATsys was the best motivation. I was hoping for KATsys to be the most preferred solution especially in the prepaid distribution business.” With KAT Technologies emerging as the biggest Celcom distributor of the original nine that started out, it is without his ambitions came true.

On the 23rd of October 2016, Mr. Azizan represented the company at the APICTA Awards to accept the prize for Best in Retail and Supply Chain Management. He adds, “As the creator of KATsys, receiving such recognition and acknowledgement is the best. Just like mission accomplished!” Of course, getting recognized from different ICT organizations does not entail us to stop there; it only encourages us to think bigger.

In the nine years of evolution from our earliest system to a fully developed platform featuring more than just e-reporting and e-invoicing, we’ve managed to save 63 days from mobile invoicing, 3,600 A4 boxes from going paperless, and have our transaction accuracy improved to 100% by 2015. “If there was one thing that came into our minds when we heard our name at APICTA, it’s the fact that we know we’ll want to keep on improving our system,” says Nurullaili Ismail, the Software Developer of KAT.

By enhancing the current system and implementing more dynamicity, there is no saying as to how far the team can go. What we do know is that we will strive for KATsys to become champions in the distribution and supply chain industry, not only nationwide, but globally.

The Executive Chairman of KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd, Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi was recently awarded the ‘Anugerah Khas – Usahawan Unggul PUNB’ during the SPARK 2015

The Executive Chairman of KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd, Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi was recently awarded the ‘Anugerah Khas – Usahawan Unggul PUNB’ during the SPARK 2015. SPARK (Simposium Peruncitan Kebangsaan 2015) symposium was organized by PUNB. The event was held on the 8th April 2015 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The award ‘Anugerah Khas – Usahawan Unggul PUNB’ was presented by YB Senator Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister at Prime Minister Office. This award present another milestone and recognition to both the Executive Chairman of KAT Technologies and KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Winner of SOBA 2013, Silver Award in Best Innovation Category

KAT is proud to announce that KATsys, its Distribution Management System (DMS) has won the Silver Award at The Star Business Awards (SOBA) in the Best Innovation Category. The crowning of the award was held at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 12 November 2013. SOBA, which honours up-and-coming local, non-listed small and medium enterprises to aim for excellence in their services and prudent in its financial records. With this award, KAT will surely soar to greater heights, just like the eagle that is encapsulated in the SOBA brand.

Bumiputera Retailers Organization (BRO)

requested a policy for retailers

The President of Bumiputera Retailers Organization, Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi has praised the government effort to help bumiputera retailers in every step of the way. He wishes that the government would idealize a policy for the retail sector to encourage the bumiputera to increase its business size and leave a mark in the industry.

The Executive Chairman of KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd, Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi was recently awarded the ‘Swansea University Honorary Awards’

An Honorary Award is one of higher education’s most significant accolades. Each year, following very careful consideration, Swansea University confers Honorary Awards on individuals in recognition of outstanding achievement to the University or the region. The recipients of this year’s Awards are drawn from a range of fields including music, sport, film and commerce. Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi graduated from what was then University College of Swansea, Wales in 1983, with a first class BSc (Hons) Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is the Executive Chairman and founder of KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd. Swansea University Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Iwan Davies presented the award. He said: “KAT’s mission to become a global company is set to be achieved under Datuk Khairol’s leadership, and through his extraordinary focus and ambition, qualities that have defined him in his education including that at Swansea University, and throughout his eminent career.”

Enterprise 50 (e50) Award

Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar bin Mohamad Tawi receiving the Enterprise-50 award from Datuk Ir. (Dr) Mohamed Al Amin Abdul Majid, Chairman of SME Corp. Malaysia on 8th November 2012.

KAT Group of Companies is now a ISO9001:2008 certified company

KAT Technologies Sdn Bhd is proud to announce that KAT Group of Companies is now a ISO9001:2008 certified company. The certification is issued by SIRIM QAS, UKAS and IQNet where it is readily accepted in 38 countries, namely Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Portugal, China, Japan, Korea, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, USA and multitude of other countries. The auditors had rated KAT as among the best in the class of “Supply Chain Management’ through our comprehensive SOPs that enables us to become the leader in mobile prepaid distribution industry today.